Women must stop secretly spending

Women must stop secretly spending

being open about who you are is very essential in ones life it brings people closer to you and it relieves you from all the burden of being secretive.  Its hard enough being true to yourself yet alone to your loved ones.  “aah I feel so much better now” will never happen if you don’t reveal your imprisonments.  There are 72% of women in the U.S. who say they secretly shop to avoid complications with their spouses.  Out of that 72%, 41% are housewives which means they are not bringing any money into their homes. 32% are the bread winners of the family and feel as though they can do what they feel fit with the money that they have work so hard to get. Why secretly spend?

Here is what will happen if you stop secretly spending.  You yourself will feel better about yourself because not hiding something feels three times better than hiding something especially from the men in your life.  More money will be available for more fun things like rekindling that love inferno between you and him, a movie here and a date night there.  When you do shop for whatever it is you want it will be so pleasurable that you’ll appreciate the whole planning process of your big shopping weekend.  You will have more money in the bank that can go towards emergencies and if you have children towards college funds “responsibility rocks”. Your credit card payments will be cut by two-thirds and your credit score will increase by 2 full points.  Vacations will be affordable for that well deserved break away from the same ol same.

Secretly spending is good only during special events like holidays, birthdays and when your running from the FBI and have to become some other lady who dresses like a man to conceal her identity before getting surrounded by SWAT and tracked down by hound dogs in the woods ok ok I went a little to far, but you get what i’m saying.  Hey if you want to spend your money let the people who will be affected know so they can better prepare for the future and it doesn’t come to a shock that the family savings are suffering.


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